A unique gift for a special person

Curvo accessories are for people who have a good sense of fashion and people who are looking for an unique gift for someone. Curvo accessories includes necklaces, brooches and earrings.


robot handmade necklace 

How did our artist create Curvo accessories?

Curvo accessories are based on the contemporary "ANY TOT" (ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYTIME) concept which stress on individuality, character and self-worth.
Each piece of Curvo accessories is handcrafted individually and unique by its own distinctive curve style. Wires are used to link tiny pieces of stones, glass and the natural materials with screws, pins, section of electronic circuit boards and other neglected materials. Our artist collected unwanted materials from the beach,identified their distinctive part and finally made used of wires to link their special parts up to form extraordinary accessories. 




curvo handmade accessories photoframe


What is our artist's inspiration?

Originated from Spain, Curvo accessories reflect the spirit and freedom of the Spanish people. The creator of Curvo was influenced by the Spanish culture and fascinated with the work of Antonio Gaudi, an inventive architect who worked hard to create forms utterly divorced from tradition. The Spanish master imaginative use of material and personal style in ornamental iron-work, dynamic treatment of twisted chimney pots, undulating roof lines and facades are all inspirations to Curvo accessories.