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by Mary Ann (Mui and Cowboy's Mum)

Have you ever experience the struggle to get the perfect gift for your beloved? Did questions like “Why do we have to celebrate birthdays?” and “Who make it a must to celebrate our birthday on the actual day and no later or earlier?” ever popped up in your mind.

Our family has never had such problems.  We believe that if we love one another we need not confine ourselves to express our love in a single day or through a mere gift. Hong Kong people have a busy lifestyle and good wind condition for a windsurfing in Hong Kong is extremely precious.  That is why a windsurfing family cannot afford to let go any chance of windsurfing by such nonsense rituals.

Happiness can be simple.  It can be achieved through a well balance between work and life.  We keep windsurfing every weekend because exercise can help us build a strong physique and mindset.  It makes you feel smarter, happier and improves sleep.

Mui baked the most delicious tiramisu for her brother, Cowboy on his birthday.....Yummy!


We only live once and that is why we have to spend time in doing things that we really enjoy. Windsurfing is a common topic that our family shares and we make new friends through the sport. There is nothing that can replace the good time that we all share with our family, catching up with friends we meet daily and reconnecting old friends. (This is part of the reason why I put up this website).


What makes a perfect gift?

The act of buying a gift for someone is to express our love for him or her. The most charming gift is not based on its monetary value. It is something that the recipient enjoys and appreciates.  It shows the depth of understanding which the giver has for the recipient.


Mui designed a special hat to cheer up her cancer bearing Grandpa at the sick bed.

Precious little gifts from former windsurfing athlete Ho Chi Ho (left) inspired Cowboy (right) to dream big.


It’s often not the gift but the thought that counts. It might be a specially designed gift which is so unique that it is irreplaceable in the heart of the recipient. The gift is treasurable and will last a life time for it carries a special meaning between the giver and the recipient. Such a gift might give out positive vibe and keep the recipient going at times of despair. Its magic power is far beyond one’s imagination that it might sometimes change a person’s life.

Robot made from unwanted items. Through sharing the fun of reusing unwanted items, it strengthens parent-child relationship and increases children’s awareness in support for environmental protection. 


A tailor-made wedding card for a special windsurfer couple drawn by Cowboy. 


 The card displays Cowboy’s imagination and meticulous observation.


Instead of looking for gifts from the mundane world, I often encourage my children to use their creativity and reuse unwanted items to design birthday cards and gifts for friends instead.  Such an act not only nurtures children’s imagination, it increases their awareness in support for environmental protection and further strengthens parent-child relationship.


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Very thought provoking, warm, energetic.

    Comparing pictures of you when your kids were young and the one you posted on your birthday, i saw and felt the change in you – you evolve into a powerful and energetic woman.

    I congratulate you for being who you are now and await to see more on your next milestone – what you will become on your journey of self-discovery. I remain your big fan.

    Anna Chow

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