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Everyone can make miracles

everyone can make miracles

Regret is the greatest punishment in life. Instead of sitting in the house all day and keep complaining, why don't you take the first step to start doing something you really want to do. Think of the opportunities you'll miss if you just sit there and do nothing. In the new era where social media dominates our daily life, you can market your ideas, simply by just putting a film on the YouTube and your talent will not be missed. The key of success depends on your persistence, dedication, how much time you have spent, whether you're using the right method and how you react when you are facing adversity......

所有人都可以創造奇蹟 |「不死鳥」 vs「結業鳥」

everyone can make miracles blog

打破思想框架 | 生日送咩好

打破思想框架 | 生日送咩好
最珍貴嘅禮物唔係佢表面嘅價值,而係送禮者嘅心意同背後載着嘅意義。千萬不要看輕一份小小嘅禮物,它那神奇的力量,有時甚至可以影響一個人的人生。生日點解一定要慶祝?唔去FB同你講Happy Birthday 係咪等如唔friend 先?唔送禮物畀你係咪要死呀? 我地大頭家牛家*一向對節日同生日都唔會太着緊,從來唔會指定踏正正日先去慶祝,更加唔會有壓力為對方揀禮物。

Why not think out of the box| Special gift ideas for everyone

special gift idea for everyone
Have you ever experience the struggle to get the perfect gift for your beloved? Did questions like “Why do we have to celebrate birthdays?” popped up in your mind. Our family has never had such problems. The most charming gift will last a life time for it carries a special meaning between the giver and the recipient. Its magic power is far beyond one’s imagination that it might sometimes change a person’s life.


by Mary Ann Mok
我是一個滑浪風帆die hard粉絲,約廿年前開始,每次當我在海上飛馳過後,總愛在沙灘檢拾各種奇形怪狀的石頭、貝殼和玻璃碎片,回到家裏再把這些海洋瑰寶與一些被人遺棄的零碎雜件裝嵌成一件一件的小手作。 

CURVO is back to life again! 

wave surfing

I love the beach. I love the sea
Apart from being a die hard windsurfer, I love to collect pieces of stones , seashells and glasses from the beach where I used to windsurf, mix and match them with neglected items such as pins and screws to form amazing accessories.