Please allow yourself to take risk and go for what you love

by Mui

Start your 2018 by thinking what you are passionate about and go all-in.
You only have one chance to go for an adventure by all cost.
The brutal truth is you only live once.
Go and seek for the answer if you have a question in your heart.
There is no better way than experiencing in finding the truth for yourself.

   In 2017, I had my first waves in my life and had become the first female windsurfer in Hong Kong to get into waves. I really hope my solo trip in search of waves can inspire more people to go for what they love and ease common fear towards "wave sailing".

   I started windsurfing since I was 7 year old. I had a question in my heart for 13 years. The question is very simple yet complicated. The quesion is what is windsurfing?

  In the past year, I had been doing a lot of sailing in RSX and Techno 293.I tried longboard, formula, slalom, and funboarding when I was a teenager, but I had never been in "waves" as a "windsurfer". I was very curious about wave sailing since there were lots of videos and posters of windsurfers riding in Maui's huge waves. Those waves always look powerful and scary to everyone.  Those riders were ripping very close to big whitewash or powerful lip ranging from 2m to 10 m, looks like they are at the edge of life and death. Everything seems impossible.



   With lots of doubt in mind, I asked ,"what is waves?" when I was a little girl. And I heard lots of sayings about waves.

  Someone told me that when a big wave chased you, it was just like a big truck. And that moment is the most quiet and calm moment in his life. And someone told me that it was so difficult and impossible for a sailor to go into the "wave world". It was two different thing.

  Still, there were loads of questions popped out of my mind. Is wave that scary? Is that feeling real? What is windsurfing? What is a real windsurfer? What will happen if I get wiped out?




~To be continued (Mui is too tired after a week of windsurfing training,going for 2017 countdown on her bed)






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