Everyone can make miracles

everyone can make miracles

dream is not the destination, it’s the journey quote

Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 o‘clock in the morning kobe quote



by Mary Ann Mok (Mui/Cowboy mum)

“Who do you think will buy this piece of trash? Look at your markup, that‘s crazy! Mom…we put this Curvo website for over a month but up till now we still haven’t sold out a piece, do you think it‘s time to close down the shop? “ I was probably too preoccupied with the Curvo project and that is why the nightmare keeps haunting me.

I expect sooner or later my daughter or my friends will ask me the above questions and so I might try to answer them in my blog now.  The main objective for putting this website up with my daughter is two-folded.  For me, I hope that I could overcome my fear and anxiety about new technology, acquire new knowledge and keep pace with the fast changing world. Also, I hope to catch up with my friends from around the world and through our sharing to make the world a better place.

For Mui, she also benefit from the project.  She is now a full-time windsurfing athlete and is totally devoted to her training. In her spare time outside training, riding on her enthusiasm for windsurfing to promote the sport to the community is meaningful. The project also help her reduce her stress and build up more positive vibes.

what is now proved was once imagined quote

This is the quote that I kept to myself for the past twenty years to support my daughter to become a full time athlete despite all dissenting voices.


Through running this parent-child project, I hope that Mui understand that making money is not my primary concern.  I just hope that young people should dream big and commit to making it happen.  They should try out new things and pursue experiences. They should not be too short-sighted, money-oriented and fear of failure.

Suppose in the end, not even a piece of Curvo are sold…what we lose is just time cost and a mere thousand dollars for setting up the website. However, if Mui can take the real life experience of how to operate an online store, if she can grasp the concept of what is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), how to write catchy headlines, how to utilize social media more effectively to promote a commodity…Would such experiences and knowledge that she gained not be more practical than to take a course at school?

Regret is the greatest punishment in life. Instead of sitting in the house all day and keep complaining, why don’t you take the first step to start doing something you really want to do. Think of the opportunities you‘ll miss if you just sit there and do nothing. In the new era where social media dominates our daily life, you can market your ideas, simply by just putting a film on the YouTube and your talent will not be missed. The key of success depends on your persistence, dedication, how much time you have spent, whether you’re using the right method and how you react when you are facing adversity.......

Have you ever thought that before NBA legend Kobe Bryant and Hong Kong famous movie star Chow Yun Fat becomes a superstar, they are just an ordinary person like any of us. For Chow, he has taken up a lot of walk-on roles and hard times before he becomes a Hollywood superstar.

Success is no coincidence. When Kobe first entered NBA, he was not among the most outstanding players. However, his perseverance, passion and his unfailing hard work are the key to his success. His famous quote is” Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 o‘clock in the morning?” He said that because he arrived the stadium and started practicing at 4 o‘clock every morning while his teammates were still asleep in bed. He chose the number 24 shirt not because he wanted to surpass Michael Jordan who is number 23, but to keep reminding himself to play basketball 24 hours a day.

hancrafted vintage tshirt front view
A worn out T-shirt being turned into a unique and stylish top for Mui.

hancrafted vintage tshirt back view

Back side of the T-shirt bears the legendary phoenix. It reminds Mui to display real sportsmanship and be persistent.


According to Kobe, dream is a self-motivating force, “When you get up and you work hard, those times when you stay up late and you work hard, those times when you don’t feel like working, you’re too tired, you don’t want to push yourself but you do it anyway: That is actually the dream….It’s not the destination, it’s the journey… Your dreams won’t come true, something greater will.”

Just when I was worrying about whether Mui is about to lose confident in the project, the telephone rang suddenly. Mui feeling excited reported to me: “ Mum, I have only used my spare time during lunch and I redesigned the Curvo logo.....issued three post, I also discovered that Pinterest was extremely useful…..By the way, have you finished writing the next blog post? Hello…. Did you hear me?”


handmade fire phoenix necklace curvo

Be positive, take the teaching of the legendary phoenix and start your first step towards your dream.

“Hello… are you there?….Oh mum don’t tell me that you chicken out now!”

“Come on….it‘s you who told me that EVERYONE can make MIRACLES. It‘s you who said miracles are just a matter of time, passion and perseverance……”

After talking to Mui on the phone, I felt so relieved. Mui was really devoted.  All of a sudden, I recalled the phoenix in the Greek mythodology, the legendary bird which burns itself to ashes and reborn again. I gathered my strength and finish writing the blog post.


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