CURVO is back to life again! 

Passionate windsurfer creates unique accessories 

by Mary Ann Mok ( Mui & Cowboy Mum )

I love the beach.  I love the sea. Apart from being a die hard windsurfer, I love to collect pieces of stones , seashells and glasses from the beach where I used to windsurf, mix and match them with neglected items such as pins and screws to form amazing accessories. 


Some twenty years ago, I turned this hobby into a part-time business and launched “CURVO”.  Each piece of CURVO is being so unique and distinctive of its own style that it became highly sought-after by the market.  Product ranges from accessories including pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooches to household items such as candle stands, photo frames, mirrors, bookstands etc… 

However, while the business was running smoothly, I was forced to put a stop to it since I gave birth to “Mui” my elder daughter. Mui is now in her twenties and she also enjoys windsurfing. 

Windsurfing has taken Mui to many parts of the world, along which Mui always sent her new friends a piece of CURVO as a thank you gift in appreciation of their warm hospitality. 

A few days ago, while we were sipping coffee, Mui suddenly come up with a brilliant idea,” Hey, mom, I know you’ve sacrificed a lot for the family, and it’s time for you to stop putting your life on hold. You should reconsider to do something you really enjoy. What about bringing CURVO back to life? Let’s do it together!” 

Well…..Mui was no joking and this is how CURVO comes back to life again! 

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